Featured Event: Papal Visit in Philadelphia for the World Meeting of Families 2015

The countdown to meet the Holy Father, Pope Francis, begins as he makes his way to the U.S. for the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia. The beloved Pope will try to resonate with people from all over the world as he reminds people that love should be the motivation for every person, which goes with the theme of this year’s meeting: “Love is Our Mission: The Family Fully Alive.” In what is to be the largest gathering of Catholic families in the world, it will surely be an anticipating event. Although the Pope is highly acclaimed, he continues to show humility and therefore is deeply loved by Catholics and all people of faith.

As the Papal visit draws near, people are showing their love in various ways. You may think people will prepare for the event by doing some holy fast, but on the contrary the city of Philly is getting ready with some “blessed beer” and other “edible swag.” The blessed beer is brewed with water blessed by a local priest, but if you want something non-alcoholic, you can try some toast with Pope Francis’ face. Don’t forget about the t-shirts that are available online for sale that shows love for Pope Francis. You can also have a special memorabilia by getting a picture with the Pope with this standee. It makes you wonder if this is a religious observance or a festival with your favorite person on stage.

If you plan to witness this historic event, please be advised to maximize efficiency when you are looking for a way to travel. There is an estimated 1.5 million visitors coming and 1.5 million residents who already live and work in Philadelphia so it is necessary to organize your commute.  The City of Philadelphia has made transportation a priority and thoroughly presented a diagram for the Papal visit. Rally Bus is also working with registered operators to get people to and from the gathering so avoid the hassle and ride with Rally Bus.

Picture 8

Elon Musk Generates Social Referrals

The man behind SpaceX amd Tesla Motors, Elon Musk, devises a plan to increase sales by encouraging Tesla owners to make referrals that lead to the purchase of a Model S electric sedan.  This in turn would lead to a $1,000 credit to Tesla owners as well as $1,000 off the price tag for the friend who purchases a Model S electric sedan.  Musk’s strategy comes as an alternative method of advertising by using social-marketing tactics and using online sales as many states forbid Tesla from operating stores due to dealer franchise laws.

Elon Musk states, “this incentive program will indicate how powerful word of mouth recommendations are, compared to store-based sales.”  Why don’t we challenge the capabilities of sharing by the word of mouth by telling our friends and family about an event and hopping on a Rally Bus.  Spread the word around about an event and go together by utilizing Rally Bus.  Don’t forget our Fantastic Five deal where you receive $5 off every seat after booking 5 seats


Featured Event: The Foo Fighters Broken Leg Tour

Do you have tickets to a Foo Fighters concert? Are you totally captivated by their breadth of melodies, ranging from hardcore rock n’ roll to acoustic ballads? Are you aware of the mid-tour adjustment from the healthy-bones Sonic Highways tour to the Broken Leg Tour? If you are, here’s a reminder of how awesome Dave Grohl is. If you’re not, get ready for a surprise, and also another reminder of how awesome Dave Grohl is.

The Tour:

The Foos announced their international tour dubbed the Sonic Highways World Tour in August 2014, beginning in December 2014 with performances in South Africa, South America, Australia, and New Zealand. They resumed the tour in May 2015, performing in England, and then in Sweden, where…. It happened. “It” with a capital “I”. Dave Grohl was rocking hard, but maybe a little too hard, (nah, not possible) and fell off the concert stage during the second song of the set, breaking his leg immediately.  Click here to read about the actual moment that he breaks his leg, how he continues the show despite his foot literally hanging off his ankle, and the journey of return to the tour, including the creation of a Game of Thrones style musical throne.

All hail King Grohl
All hail King Grohl

The Foos’ plan was to follow their international tour with a North American tour, starting with a special Fourth of July event in Washington, D.C. that would commemorate the band’s 20th anniversary. However, after this unexpected accident, it was very unclear whether or not this anniversary show or even the tour itself would continue as planned.

Dave Grohl, the Champion

You know where this is going. Dave couldn’t bear the thought of not continuing the tour, so he strapped himself into his throne and rocked out at Washington D.C.’s RFK Stadium on the Fourth with Buddy Guy, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, LL Cool J, Heart, and many more.  Now, under the rebranding of the name, Broken Leg Tour, the shows are three hours long and the Foos are rocking longer and harder than they ever have before.

Rock it there with Rally Bus!

Let’s just say that if you get to see the Foos on this tour, you’re in for a treat. And why not start your adventure on the way there, where you can save money, avoid traffic stress, and hang out with other FF fans? Sit back, relax, listen to The Pretender, and enjoy your ride with Rally Bus.

Featured Event: The Rolling Stones 2015 Zip Code Tour

The Stones.

They’ve written some of the greatest rock songs of all time. And more than 50 years after their first album, they’re still going strong.

With a little determination and a Rally Bus reservation, you could soon see a phenomenal band on what could be one of their last tours ever. You’ll also get to hear a setlist featuring songs you’ve been singing along with since you were a teenager, a baby, or a gleam in your father’s eye. (These concerts draw fans of all ages.)

Have you gotten your ticket yet? For Orchard Park or Quebec City?

Seriously: Musical opportunities this good are few and far between. We could brag about the Rolling Stones for days, but that would be boring. Instead, we’ll give you a glimpse of how their 2015 Zip Code tour has been dropping critics’ jaws all across America.



Nothing can stop the Stones.

Not weather, not sex, not drugs, not the wear and tear of rock and roll and most of all not time.



As history will one day attest, what this band is currently doing – and the level at which they’re doing it – is simply extraordinary.


San Diego:

He seems impossible. Yet there he is. It’s not just his confidence of doing this for so long that makes Jagger such a master craftsman. It’s his understanding of what it requires. He exhorts, conducts and leads the crowd. But he teases it, too. He seduces it. He knows what people are paying for.

This is a band that is still performing at a peak level — one that every other band on the planet can learn from — that reaffirms, for two hours and 15 glorious minutes, not just the magic and mystery of music, but of life itself. They are an inspiring force of nature. See them this summer.

The above quote, from the folks at Ultimate Classic Rock, contains a lot of deep wisdom, but the most practical piece of advice is “see them this summer”.

You’re got two more chances, coming right up: July 11th in Orchard Park, NY, and July 15th in Quebec City, Quebec.


Getting There

Those two concerts will have crowds of 50,000 people or more. That’s 10,000+ cars cluttering up a parking lot. Roads jammed for miles around.

But you can skip all that, with the power of Rally Bus. Getting from NYC to Orchard Park or from Montreal to Quebec City doesn’t have to be difficult, aggravating, or expensive. With our luxury buses, you can kick back, turn on Sticky Fingers, and enjoy the ride.

Sound good? Thought so. See you on the bus.

Beeline: Singapore’s Brilliant Crowdsourced Busing Experiment

There’s a new app in town. You can use it to travel anywhere in the country, as long as enough people want to go there with you.

Sound familiar?

No, it isn’t Rally Bus. We’ve been in that business for a while. And the country isn’t the United States.

We’re pleased to report the impending arrival of Beeline — a new private-bus service in Singapore. The service allows citizens of the prosperous city-state to suggest routes for the Beeline buses to take: Any route with popular support will activate quickly, just like the popular events on our site!

Aww, there's even a picture of a bee on the logo. We are fans.
Aww, there’s even a picture of a bee on the logo. We are fans.

Beeline is, according to the creators, “cheaper than a taxi and more comfortable than public transit”. (Some would say the same about Rally Bus, though we won’t go so far as to compliment ourselves.) Sounds like a terrific option for Singapore’s growing population, and we think it would help out in lots of other cities, too.

It’s too early to say whether the app will succeed, but we certainly hope they do: When riders control bus routes rather than the other way around, we get fewer empty seats, less wasted gasoline, and more people going where they need to go. Hurrah!

Conclusion: If you’re looking to go from Paya Lebar Air Base to Legoland Malaysia, Beeline is going to change your life. If you’re looking to go from anywhere in the U.S. to anywhere else in the U.S., Rally Bus can help.

Featured Event: The Quaker State 400

Quaker State: 400 Miles of Epic Speed

Quick summary: The Quaker State 400 is almost here, it’s going to be fantastic, and Rally Bus is the best way to get there. On July 11, let professionals do the driving: NASCAR stars on the track, and Rally Bus drivers on the way there and back.

* * * * *

400 miles is a good day’s driving. Recently, this Rally Bus blogger drove his sister to Virginia, and the 400-mile trip took about eight hours thanks to heavy Beltway traffic.

Meanwhile, the winner of this year’s Quaker State 400 should finish in less than three hours, pushing their vehicles — and themselves — to the limit. And that winner might just be Brad Keselowski, who won the race in 2012 and 2014 and could become the first ever three-time winner.

(Would that make him a Triple Crown champion? Or would he have scored a hat trick? We will admit to not being experts on NASCAR terminology.)

If you’re reading this, we don’t have to convince you that 400 laps of NASCAR is a very good way to spend your day.

We will mention, however, that this is now the fifth year of the Quaker State 400 — the year, perhaps, when it stops being a NASCAR newcomer and becomes an established race. Some of the most talented people to ever sit behind a steering wheel will be there, in the flesh, racing for glory. Whatever happens at Kentucky Speedway on July 11, 2015, will be remembered for as long as NASCAR exists.

Excited yet? Great! Now, how were you planning on getting to the track?

Reaching the Race with Rally Bus

How should you get to Kentucky Speedway? Take a Rally Bus, of course!

What’s that? You want to know why?

Think of it this way: Brad Keselowski and his rivals have made careers out of driving in frantic, crowded conditions. If you drive a car to the race, you’ll have to do the same thing for free. In fact, the Quaker State 400 is famous for its traffic problems; in 2011, the new race was crushed by what ESPN called a “mess” — some fans never even got inside.

This could almost be a racetrack, but the people in those cars aren't getting paid, and they're on a highway. Don't be one of the people in cars on race day.
This could almost be a racetrack, but the people in those cars aren’t getting paid, and they’re on a highway. Don’t be one of the people in cars on race day.

Thankfully, Kentucky Speedway added extra parking after that incident. And even better, Rally Bus is helping to keep cars off the road  — making traffic better for everyone — by sending efficient buses instead.

If you reserve a seat now, you’ll get the chance to ride in luxury with fellow NASCAR fans, and you’ll also spend exactly zero seconds gently releasing your brake pedal to move ten feet forward for the twenty-eighth time. (Also, you’ll get to skip the parts of Race Day where you buy gas, pay tolls, and figure out who’s going to be the designated driver.)

So what are you waiting for? Reserve your seat now: We’re almost ready to start our engines.

Featured Event: Jimmy Buffett’s 40th Annual Tour

Parrotheads, Unite!

Are you one of the lucky Parrotheads who gets to see the legendary Jimmy Buffett rock out on his 2015 tour? Here’s some good-to-know info about the rocker and his super-rad music before you find your bus ticket and head to the show.

The Tour

As he enters his 40th annual tour, Buffett has a lot to be celebrating. These concerts are happening four decades (give or take a few years) after the release of his first album, A White Sport Coat and a Pink Crustacean. And what better way to celebrate than to spend six months rocking out for all of his fans? Must be why the tour’s called “This One’s For You” – we’re going to assume this title refers to all of us Parrotheads.  Unless it’s for his wife, Jane, and his two daughters? Let’s go with the first one.

The tour itself has gotten great reviews. Critics rave about Jimmy’s amazing energy on stage and his ability to excite the crowd. Also, there was one concert he literally beamed into space so an astronaut Parrothead could watch it live. We wouldn’t expect anything less from the prominent folk-rock-country-pop singer-songwriter. (That’s actually the most words we’ve ever used to describe a human being.)

Beyond the music, of course, concertgoers get to enjoy the spectacle of their fellow fans. If there’s anything we know about Parrotheads, it’s that going to a Jimmy Buffett show isn’t just about the music for them – it’s about the whole experience.  That includes the pregame before the stadium, the party at the stadium, the throwdown during the concert, and the jubilee after.

Not to mention the tropical costumes throughout.
Not to mention the tropical costumes throughout.

A Little About Jimmy

Buffett’s music is mostly known for its “island escapism” vibe, in which he combines country, folk, and pop music with coastal and tropical lyrical themes.  The sound is also sometimes called “gulf and western” – makes sense. (Though we’ve always wondered why no one in Maine ever seems to make country music about the beaches of Bristol.)

JB’s breakthrough song was “Margaritaville”, which ranked 234th on the RIAA’s list of “Songs of the Century” and inspired his “Margaritaville” retail stores in Key West (he is also an established businessman). This is all pretty ironic, since the song was originally written for Elvis, but the King wouldn’t have pulled off the tune with such panache. And Buffett’s success doesn’t just extend to capitalism — he also won the coveted “Vocal Event of the Year” award at the 2003 CMAs (the Oscars of country music) for the song “It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere”.

How do you get to Margaritaville?

Talk about a question with an easy answer! Let Rally Bus help you with the before-and-after (no more having to find a designated driver – we hire professionals), all while saving you money by letting you skip the fees for parking, gas, and tolls. See you on the bus!